Thibault Debaveye

Mixed Media / In-Camera Effects + Transitions / Emotive / Dialogue / Performance / Tabletop / Cars / VFX + Animation / Choreography / Kids / Fashion + Beauty

Thibault began his career as a highly skilled CG artist, making him a formidable technical mind when it comes to the inner workings of those VFX moments that defy all logic to the untrained eye. 

Not content with simply stopping there, he decided to apply that honed precision to directing – and as a result, he is a filmmaker whose work is both breathtakingly modern and irresistibly heartwarming. The high-tech visual quirks that he brings to the table never overshadow the story, or distract from the message – he is able to blend them in such integrated cohesive ways that everything feels a part of the exact same world – Thibault’s world.


AAU Basketball / Generation of Greatness

Whirlpool / Designed to Simplify

WorkSafe / The Sooner, The Better

Taco Bell / Friendsgiving

Carl's Jr. / Obsolete

Georgia Power / No Place Like Home

Northside Hospital /

Thibault Debaveye
Thibault Debaveye