Sean McBride

Cars / Docustyle / Real People / Emotive / Tabletop / Comedy / Experiential + Activations / Hidden Camera / DOP + Photographer

Is there such a thing as a ten trick pony? If so, Sean might just be one. A skilled producer, cinematographer, and director with experience in post production and VFX, he’s versatility at its finest. He’s able to work across all aspects of production and adapt himself to scripts that span live action and animation all in one neat little package. 

Sean’s love of natural light and crafty lens work will stagger you with their artful use of flares, bokeh, and sharp focus to find the undeniable beauty in the everyday.


Air Canada / Snow Globes

Warrior Adventures Canada / Join Us

RCLUB / The Joy of Driving

Dairy Farmers of Canada / I'm In

Dairy Farmers of Ontario / What Can't Milk Do?

Stew Jones / Painter

Sean McBride
Sean McBride