Scott Pickett

Visual Storytelling / Vignettes / Cars / Kids / Mixed Media / Comedy Dialogue / Performance / Fashion + Beauty / Music Videos

There’s an urgency to Scott’s work that’s instantly recognizable and undeniably thrilling. His directorial style cuts right to the essence of a script in such a cleverly efficient way that you’re left wondering how it’s possible to feel such affinity for a fictional character within a 30 second film – but somehow, he manages it.

Scott’s background in longform narrative is the driving force behind his razor-sharp eye for a well told story – atmosphere, tone, great casting and perfectly observed cinematography all come together to create a body of work that is effortlessly hilarious, touching and utterly compelling.


VW / Boring Boy

Toyota / An Electric Journey

Transport NSW / Terry Godmother

Mitsubishi Outlander / Live Outlandish

Nissan Pathfinder / Apocalypse

Mamia Nappies / Faces

Subaru Outback / Shoelaces

Scott Pickett
Scott Pickett