Sasha Levinson

Narrative / Performance / Emotive / Dialogue / Vignettes / Fashion + Beauty / Food + Drink / Tabletop / Tourism

Sasha has worked with a wealth of celebrity talent, ranging from Serena Williams to 50 Cent. She’s worked on global campaigns that have garnered tens of millions of views, sparking the kind of genuine engagement and conversation that could only be achieved by the sheer weight of her talent. 

Sasha masterfully blends subtle handheld camera work with stately wides in a juxtaposition that, far from being jarring, create a visual harmony that takes on a life of its own.


Las Vegas Tourism / The Key of Vegas

Angie's BOOMCHICKAPOP / Affirmation

Allstate Foundation / Signs

St. Vincent's Healthcare / Holiday Dinner

Starbucks / Barista Promise

Inspira Health Network / Inspiring News

Las Vegas Tourism / Now & Then

Sasha Levinson
Sasha Levinson