Pete Henderson

Comedy Dialogue / Performance / Vignettes / Real People / VFX + Animation / Kids / Food + Drink / Tabletop

There’s a theatrical flare and synchronicity of action to Pete’s work that’s stunning to watch, and pretty impossible to replicate – choreographed sequences that are wonderfully slick, whilst feeling totally spontaneous. 

His shots manage to create an immediacy likened to a comic strip in their whip smart efficiency when it comes to comedy – it’s an instantaneous kind of funny that is utterly disarming and totally undeniable.

But Pete doesn’t just do comedy, his directorial chops encompass a wealth of other skills, from adrenaline-filled car spots to high octane music videos.


Kobo / Transit-Crossed Lovers

Synchrony Bank / The Darryls

McDonald's / Good Morning Champion

Goemans / Softball

Kobo / Love, Luck & Clusterf*ck

NESCAFÉ Rich / Givebacks

Purelygreat / Witch

Pete Henderson
Pete Henderson