Olivier Staub

Emotive / Narrative / Vignettes / Performance / Cars / In-Camera Effects / Dramatic / Tourism

Is it possible to make something that feels both nostalgic and startlingly original at the same time? Olivier answers this questions with his ability to tell stories so outside our spheres of experience whilst grounding them in cinematography and casting that creates an immediate sense of ‘home’ is startling. 

It’s this merging of the alien and the familiar that makes Olivier an ideal collaborator when it comes to bridging gaps of understanding and raising awareness in a way that never feels contrived, and always feels sincere.

Centraide du Grande Montréal / Rise Up

Hyundai / Wah

Humanity & Inclusion / AfterNews

Air Canada / Business of You

Saaq / Loop

CPA / Boring

Doctors Without Borders / Scalpel

Atlantic / Le Cube

Olivier Staub
Olivier Staub