Miguel Campaña

Comedy / Narrative / Vignettes / Celebrity / Dialogue / Cars / Musical / In-Camera Effects / Dramatic / Kids

There are two ways to flex our cinematic muscles for maximum effect when it comes to producing spots – we can either use its grandeur to create a comedic dissonance between the visuals and the absurdity of the script, or utilize their quiet, confident strength to bolster its sincerity. And somehow, Miguel seems to have mastered both of these approaches. 

Whether it’s Mads Mikkelsen strutting through an elaborate studio in a Carlsberg ad, or a little old lady singing directly to camera in a musical spot, nothing is ever done by halves – gorgeous anamorphic wides and masterful lighting setups make Miguel a formidable talent when it comes to bringing a truly filmic atmosphere to any idea.

Moderna / Spikevax

Citizens Bank / Loving You

Orange / Say It With Netflix

Carlsberg / Better with Beer

Canon / Shprinck the World

El Corte Inglés / They Know

Wrigley's / Smile Back Project

Miguel Campaña
Miguel Campaña