Josh Nussbaum

Celebrity / Vignettes / Docustyle / Experiential + Activations / Hidden Camera / Dialogue / Choreography / In-Camera Effects / Real People / VFX + Animation

When it comes to building brand credibility, scripts that tread that doc / real life line can be incredibly powerful. But actually making work that embodies that joyful, impromptu feel is far, far trickier than you might think. 

That’s where Josh comes in – his years as a documentarian is one of the strongest assets you could have in your arsenal when it comes to storytelling that’s suffused with the immediate comfort that comes from watching people interacting in such naturalistic terms, that you forget you’re even watching a commercial at all. Pair that with the technical skills of having earned his stripes as an established DOP, Josh is an authenticity powerhouse.



Heineken / Bestie

Sonos + Apple Music / Music Make It Home

Starbucks / Meet Me

Android / Young Together

eBay / Fill Your Cart with Color

Josh Nussbaum
Josh Nussbaum