Jonathan Zames

Comedy Dialogue / Vignettes / In-Camera Effects / Performance / Docustyle / Food + Drink

You know that delicious little feeling that ripples across the audience in a cinema when something is funny in a way that’s so natural, and so charismatic, it’s almost impossible to nail down? Well, Jonathan caught it, stuffed it, and nailed it to the wall. The tone of his work just exudes funny because he has an innate sense of where to place the camera, change the pacing or improvise a performance just enough to tickle you, without you ever noticing the complex mechanics beneath.

Jonathan’s shooting style is filled with striking blocking and compositions that expertly communicate a wealth of meaning in a single frame, infused with color palettes meticulously tailored to add just the right identity to every film he makes.


Little Caesars / Stuffed In A Room

Visa x TIFF / Celebrity Assistant

TD / 30 Ways to Save

Virginia Lottery / Brainstorm

Fountain Tire / Faking It

Google / Blind Date

Venmo / Hostage Situation

Jonathan Zames
Jonathan Zames