Jerome Kruin

Cars / Sports / Visual Storytelling / Fashion & Beauty / Food + Drink / Music Videos

Jerome represents the future of our industry – his work has a thumping heartbeat that injects every frame with a restless, infectious energy. His directorial style is enough to make butter melt, resulting in performances that startle you with their smooth charisma. 

He works collaboratively with diverse casts in such a way that the light behind the eye isn’t just a twinkle, it’s a starburst – because he creates a sense of comradery on set that just can’t help but deliver results of the utmost truthfulness.


Doritos / Solid Black

Toyota / Happy

PROLINE / John Tavares

Harley-Davidson x Armour S&C / Road Rules

SoundCloud / Follow Your Own Sound

Under Armour / Showtime

Jerome Kruin
Jerome Kruin