Giovanni Messner

Emotive + Visual Storytelling / Vignettes / In-Camera Effects / Dramatic / Fashion + Beauty / Kids / Docustyle / Food + Drink

Giovanni’s elegant, breathing camera work is seamless, creating spots that have that Malick-esque feel, evoking an instant sense of quiet anticipation. The charm of his style comes through in its subtlety – an intuitive sense of when to pull focus, when to allow a beat for atmosphere, and when to move.

Slow is smooth, and smooth is fast – the pacing of Giovanni’s work feels like a calming wave that washes over the brain, with framing and lighting choices that have a timeless, deconstructed feel.


Bose / Rule the Quiet

Syngenta / Shoulders

CIBC / We Are Expecting

Dove / You Can Be

Philips / Taste

Electrolux / Make Life Delicious

Girl Up / Rise

Giovanni Messner
Giovanni Messner