Drew Lightfoot

Vignettes / In-Camera Effects + Transitions / VFX + Animation / AR + VR / Mixed Media / Choreography / Food + Drink / Tabletop / Cars / Fashion & Beauty / Music Videos

Drew is a master of pace and atmosphere – his approach to immersive cinematography and sound is that of a true cinephile, resulting in a body of work that treads the line between the visceral and the relatable with ease.

His work spans multiple genres and shooting styles, from breathtaking macro food to the moodiest 35mm landscapes. His technical knowledge is immense, and he’s able to pull off elaborate shooting setups without breaking a sweat. If you want versatility and visionary storytelling, Drew can deliver across all genres.


BC Children's Hospital / Small is Mighty

Icebreaker / Move to Natural

Save-On-Foods / Holidays

PlayAlberta / The New Pre-Game Ritual

LG / Connected Home

Bud Light / Who You Got?

Michelob / Ultratarians Everywhere

Drew Lightfoot
Drew Lightfoot