Pierre Dalpé

Comedy Dialogue / Performance / In-Camera Effects / Food + Drink / Cars

Screenwriters make great commercial directors. It’s true, they do. If there’s anything we’ve learnt in our time in this industry it’s that facts don’t engage audiences, stories do. So if you’re looking for someone to find the most effective, satisfying and visually compelling way to tell the story of your brand, Pierre is the one. 

Pierre’s cinematic sensibilities make him uniquely placed to construct characters that feel instantly recognizable and fleshed out without even needing dialogue, because he gets to the heart of the script from the very first frame.



Cheez-It / Quality Control

Goodfood / Rivalry

EBOX / Family Package

Naître et grandir / Parenting

Country Harvest / Break the Cycle

Gouvernement du Québec / Gelé

Onlia / Seatbelt Obsessed

Pierre Dalpé
Pierre Dalpé