Hans Emanuel

Dramatic / In-Camera Effects / Vignettes / Fashion & Beauty / Choreography / Celebrity / Cars / Sports / Tourism / VFX + Animation / Production Design

Endless charm, ingenuity and energy abound – Hans’ approach is almost closer to that of an architect than a director. Each shot is meticulously designed, transitions are endlessly inventive, and there’s a graphic sensibility that shows his artistic eye and good taste.

Hans manages to adapt even the most traditional commercial scripts in ways that agilely dodge advertising clichés, breathing life into old tropes, and paving the way for the new – all the while maintaining a throughline of immediate visual language that is more easily felt than explained with words.

E.ON / It's Time

Orlen / Cars Want Orlen

U.S. Navy / Never

Level Locks / Step Inside

Honda / The Power of Dreams

Jockey / Daydream

Kia / Movement That Inspires*

Benzina / Verva

Hans Emanuel
Hans Emanuel